Established in Tokyo in 1928, JGC Corporation is one of the world’s leading international EPC contractors.  Originally known as Japan Gasoline Co., JGC’s initial goal was to construct and manage an oil refinery on the Pacific coast of Japan, but when the project ran into difficulties, the company shifted focus and became the Japan’s first engineering firm.

Since then, JGC has left its mark on over 20,000 projects the world over, with highly advanced engineering technologies and excellent project management leading to repeated large scaled success. Currently, JGC counts itself among the big four EPC contractors for liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects worldwide, and is also moving beyond the hydrocarbon industry with work on pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants, water treatment plants, industrial plants, information technology, power generation, and many others.  Whatever, wherever the business, JGC adheres to its motto: Engineering for the Quality of Human Life.

From the time of its establishment through the 1950’s, JGC gathered experience working on oil refinery construction and modernization within Japan.  Then, in the 1960’s, the company began to extend its business overseas, with refinery construction projects in Peru, Argentina and Venezuela.  Starting in 1965 with the opening of its first overseas office in Seoul, JGC embarked on a program of global expansion, moving into markets in China, Southeast Asia, South America, North Africa, Eastern Europe, and beyond.  JGC Group now operates in 21 countries on four continents, with 14 affiliates and 32 subsidiaries, including PT JGC Indonesia.

Petroleum started the wheels of the Industrial Revolution and dramatically changed the dynamics of human civilization.  At all times, JGC maintains a high level of attentiveness to the latest trends in the petroleum industry.  But as society, industry and business continue changing at an accelerating speed, the company is now directing its efforts toward achieving a sustainable society.  With excellent technologies and knowledge in energy fields such as oil, gas, coal, biomass, and nuclear power, JGC has been actively promoting alternative solutions including natural gas, underground storage of carbon dioxide, commercialization of super-heavy oils, and the development of clean fuels.  In response to the diverse needs of its clients, JGC is determined to go beyond the capabilities of conventional engineering contractors, investing in businesses such as resource development, power generation and water processing.  Looking into the future, JGC plans on transforming itself into a standout engineering enterprise which can contribute to resolving the wide array of issues confronting our ever-changing society.