PT JGC Indonesia

Established on September 6th, 1974 as PT Pertafenikki Engineering (Pertamina, Far East Oil Trading Co. and Nikki Kabushiki Kaisha), our partnership deeds are to contribute to high technology strategic facilities to start the development of Indonesia, which includes expertise, network, financial support and profound understanding of Engineering Process in refineries and chemicals engineering.

Based by the partnership which grows in us, instead of only being interested in a project, since our inception we are in fact concerned with broader and more strategic situations, one of which is to become the partner for the entire development of Indonesia. And just like a partner, we cannot simply accommodate the wishes of businessmen in the country in realizing a project, but we consider their needs from a broader perspective, one of which is innovation and the continuity of their businesses and assets in the future.

As a partner, we also contribute in the form of social activities like blood donation to the Indonesian Red Cross, and support charity to orphans, as well as in the form of transfering technology and know-how such as PDS (Piping Design System) Training for some STM (Secondary Technical School) graduates who had been gone through our selection. We have been starting the PDS training since June 2008 and it will run up to fulfill our PDS Man Power. This marks that we, as a partner, offer many opportunities for all Engineers or Designers in Indonesia to have a good job in our company and we are going to expand the business together. Not only to get profit but also knowledge from worldwide projects, so all trainees will have a good chance to join PT JGC Indonesia as one of the big EPC companies in Indonesia.

The recent business situation is highly competitive. Fully supported by JGC Corporation in terms of innovation, technology and global network, we have not confronted any problem in securing and completing large scaled projects offered to us by reputable clients. Our Project Management System, (which covered integrated EPC activities started from Engineering, Procurement, Construction up to project completion) supported by excellent Information Technology and satellite remote technology has allowed the completion of project at remote areas in the country, all of which were executed efficiently, on time and devoid of difficulties.

Our years of past experience in handling various domestic projects has enriched and broaden our knowledge and expertise to handle future projects in the area of:

  • Natural Oil and Gas Refinery
  • Oil and Gas Plant 
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Plant
  • Palm Oil Processing
  • Industrial Plants
  • Aircraft Fuel Distribution Facility

Customer satisfaction and their trust we have built so far eventually generates commitment. Other subsequent projects have been continuously awarded to us. As a result, PT JGC Indonesia faces up to the competition in the EPC industry in Indonesia.