Job Vacancy

    • Sub. Contracting Engineer

      S1 mechanical/civil, min.7 years experience as sub. Contracting eng., having experienced at construction oil & gas or chemical plant, experience at project site min.5 years, able to make sub construction planning.

      Construction Management . Status: Closed | Apply now

    • Instrument and Electrical Superintendent

      S1 electrical / instrument, having experienced at construction oil & gas or chemical plant, experience at project site min.5 years.

      Construction Management . Status: Closed | Apply now

    • Construction Surveyor

      S1 civil, Min. 5 years experience as construction surveying, having experience at existing conditions survey of the future work site, including topography, existing buildings and infrastructure and underground infrastructure whenever possible, stake out reference points and markers, verifying structures location during construction, experience at conducting as-built survey, understanding about equipment and techniques used in construction surveying and building girds

      Construction Management . Status: Closed | Apply now

    • Document Handling

      Having a good ability in controlling documents - Internal Document and Vendor Documents -, especially with using all the Project Management System (PMS), such as : INDRA (Integrated Document Management System for Global Collaboration), EDIS (Engineering Document Inquiry System), J-PLUS P (After PO System), Internal Office Correspondence System (IOCS), External Office Correspondence System (EOCS), Vendor Mailing List System (VMLS), with an extraordinary English day-to-day communication between each parties, such as : Owner, Vendor and Subcontractors, including a great computer knowledge abilities.

      Project Management Status: Closed | Apply now

    • HR Admin

      S1 Psychology, Law or Business Administration, Min.10 years experience as HRD Field,

      Having experience at in controlling and maintenance employee performance contract, able to develop an effective integrated personal data, having good knowledge in salary wages according government, Labor Law & Regulation on Working hour, PIT (Pph 21)

      Human Resources Status: Closed | Apply now

    • HR Organization Development Assistant Manager

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      Male, S2 Human Resource Management or Psychology, Min. 8 years experience in Organization Development, Experienced in people management and organizational development, Able to applied strategic and analytical thinking and its execution to set direction and design future development, Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with ability to adapt to a new culture and environment effectively

      Human Resources Status: Open | Apply now

    • IT Engineer


      Min D3 in computer science/IT or related disciplines. Min 3 years experience at the same field. Able to handle LAN, TCP/IP and Server. Good communication at English

      Information Technology Status: Closed | Apply now

General Qualification:

  • - Bachelor Degree
  • - Excellent command at oral and writen English
  • - Having a TOEIC Score will be an advantage
  • - Computer literate (MS Office, MS Project and related software)
  • - Strong leadership, Good Interpersonal Skill and Team Work, Positive Proactive