PKT Project Completion

PT JGC Indonesia (JIND) has successfully completed EPC Contract to built facility of pipe lines to transport raw materials and utility materials from PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (PKT) existing urea plant to PT Kaltim Nitrate Indonesia (KNI) new nitrate plant (KNI is a subsidiary of ORICA – an Australia based Company, as end user of the utility supplied by PKT). The raw material is liquid ammonia transported by 3 inch pipe line - 3 km length.  Then utility material is HP steam, transported by 8 inch pipe line - 2 km length. Some other utility pipe lines had also been built along with these pipe lines. Safety and environmental issues were carefully considered since the beginning of design process,

procurement, until the completion of this project.  The project data books, consists of as-built drawings, calculation data book and other documents (including vendor document) related to the Project have been handed over to PKT on the second quarter of 2012. A closed out report of the Project was also agreed and accepted by PKT at the same time.  As a definite mark of project completion, a Provisional Acceptance Certificate has been issued by PKT on 31 December 2012 upon completion of the EPC phase and 1 year warranty maintenance period.