Managed by experienced specialists, we provide the best procurement services of prime quality.

Therefore, we use the best project materials from our network sources all over the world, with competitive prices. Our professional and reputable procurement team are ready at all times to provide support in Basic Procurement Planning, Quotation Analysis, Vendor Selection, Shop Fabrication Control and Monitoring, Custom Clearance and import-export formalities. The best project materials at highly competitive prices are made available by on-time delivery with warranty and satisfactory after-sales services.

Fully supported by JGC Corporation, our sources of procurement vary and are widely spread not only in Indonesia, but throughout the world as well. All of them are selected through public and fair procurement tenders. Assisted by our satellite connection to our database, the selection process runs reliably accurate, and thus, enables our Procurement Team to present selections of the best project equipments and materials in terms of quality and price.

We enforce meticulous control over the schedule, documentation and administration of vendors, starting from fabrication, delivery, custom clearance and placement at the location. As for quality selection and inspection, our Procurement Team is often dubbed “People Without Compromise”. Through detailed and thorough inspection, we perform control over each project material and equipment. All of the above are carried out with high readiness and alertness, which enable us to adopt corrective measures in timely manner.

Equipped by the link to International network through JGC Logistic channel and system, as well as strengthened by the experienced logistic staff and data bank, JIND Logistic is able to arrange and manage the total transportation works for General, Heavy and Oversize dimension cargo from over the world up to job site timely and safely manner.

In addition to controlling and supervising the shipment and transportation of materials, we also trade in custom clearance and assistance until the scheduled placement.