In delivering our services, JGC Indonesia always adheres to QHSE conduct :

  • Comply with the requirements and relevant regulations, thus underpinning the technical integrity, through the implementation of the QHSE Management System
  • Ensure healthy, safe and secure place and working conditions by preventing health, injury and security problems through implementing the Occupational Health and Safety Management System and best practices
  • Minimize impact to the environment through measurables process and responsible work practices.
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JGC Indonesia Code of Business Conduct

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The JIND Code of Business Conduct sets forth JIND’s expectations for conducting business with highest ethical and legal standard as the reflection of a strong professional compliance culture of all JIND members.

JIND is committed to conducting its business openly and fairly to earn trust from customers and global & local communities. To that end, JIND not only comply with international and local laws & regulations, but also be aware of our roles and responsibilities in light of the JIND COBC.

We act with integrity and respond with respect to the needs of the global and local communities we interact with. Backed by our integrity and fairness, we make JIND a trusted company held in the highest esteem.

Nurdin Haris

President Director

Kenji Morita

Director / Compliance Chairman

Wahyu Hastono

Corporate Operation Division / Compliance Chief Officer

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Since its founding JGC has executed numerous projects in a diligent, determined and earnest manner as a contractor. Despite operating in challenging environments such as desert and polar regions, we have successfully completed a multitude of difficult projects with confidence. The basic elements underlying our success and confidence have been embodied in the “JGC WAY” which we have established to serve as a guide for the organization’s activities.

Following on from the announcement of the JGC WAY, we hereby establish a code of business conduct (“JGC Group Code of Business Conduct”) applicable to all JGC Group companies. While the JGC WAY describes the Mission, Values and Vision of the JGC Group, the JGC Group Code of Business Conduct sets out the basic principles which should be followed in putting the JGC WAY into practice.

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We have established the JIND Compliance Hotline to help rapidly identify, mitigate and prevent compliance risks. The hotline allows employees to seek advice or report any concerns related to compliance violations or activities that may constitute a violation of compliance rules. Any reports or requests for advice about violations are investigated thoroughly and appropriate responses or feedback are implemented and provided on a timely basis.

Certifications & Licenses

The commitment of PT JGC Indonesia in developing quality and security as a certified EPC company.

OHSAS 18001 2007

Standardization for Work Management System in Worker's Health and Safety Issue.

ISO 14001 2004

Certification for environment responsibility.

JIND ISO 90012015 Certificate

JIND ISO 140012015 Certificate

OHSAS 18001 Certificate



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