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A detailed concept and efficient engineering plan (quality, cost and time) require the solid integration of sophisticated technology and expertise of Human Capital. With all these, we are consequently well known as an engineering company that is fully capable of efficiently handling engineering projects all over the world.

Starting from the development of different Oil and Gas. Refineries or processing installations in the archipelago during the 1970s, we at PT JGC Indonesia found the fact that with its potential Natural Resources, Indonesia is in need of numerous world-class engineers, and as a partner for the Development of Indonesia, we also trigger an increase in the number of Indonesian engineers by constantly recruiting new engineers (fresh graduates) and to encourage them to achieve the quality of international standards.

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Our engineers are known to be reputable professionals, who have international experience on their back. In handling each project, both domestic and overseas, we always take on talented engineers who have extended experience and luminous achievements. Therefore, it is not surprising that many consortiums with giant projects have signed us up to handle the development of their projects.

What makes our engineers exceptional is that they have taken part in series of technical trainings from our parent company, JGC Corporation. In addition, our engineers have been regularly involved in projects all over the world.

Therefore, they are not only experts in handling the latest simulation but also mastering analysis methods and able to operate various engineering technologies.  As a result, with up-to-date software and hardware, our engineers have managed to meet international qualifications and standards in the following areas:

  • Conceptual Project Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Front End Engineering
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detailed Design Engineering
  • Construction Drawing
  • As-Built Drawing
  • Optimization Study
  • Some sophisticated and up-to-date engineering technologies that are impeccably mastered by our engineers include SP-P&ID for process design, IN-TOOLS for instrument design and 3D model computation software (PDS, PDMS and SP3D)

All of them are for presenting efficient, multi-dimensional design for rapid review and accurate control through design which involves substantial volume.

In addition, with support of our excellent engineering database, which contains accurate information and variety of project blueprints from around the world, our engineers have mastered various international  procedures and standards for design, including their prevailing rules and regulations.

With the existence of our satellite technology, each of our engineers is not only linked with our excellence database and engineers at JGC Corporation on other project site, but connected to our customers as well, wherever they are. As a result, efficiency and on-time delivery is presented consistently under thorough going control.

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