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JGC Indonesia is always engaged in upholding social duty through a variety of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs with CSR references in the areas of education, health, and the environment.

JGC Indonesia carried out a CSR initiative called "Procurement of Drum Recycling Trash and Education for Elementary Schools.

JGC Indonesia's CSR program has donated 10 trash cans to elementary schools in the vicinity of building. In the vicinity of  JGC Indonesia building, five elementary schools received the help.

This activity is also intended as a form of concern for JGC Indonesia to create a clean and well maintained school environment. The trash can is made of zinc drum waste that is recycled in such a way that it becomes a useful item again. In addition to preventing elementary school students from littering, this is also a step for JGC Indonesia to indirectly educate students so that they can use used waste into items that can be reused.


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