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1920s – 1960s

Establishment of Japan Gasoline Co., Ltd., in Japan

Japan Gasoline Co., Ltd., the Predecessor of JGC Holdings Corporation was founded in October 1928. The Company initially intended to build and operate domestic refineries, and market gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, and other such petroleum products. During the 1930s, JGC inaugurated a simultaneous engineering business. This was the start of the first engineering firm in Japan.


Establishment of JGC Indonesia, as JGC Holdings Corporation’s subsidiary in Indonesia

During this period, JGC began to compete in Overseas Markets by using its extensive domestic record of Achievement in Japan. By doing so, in September 1974, JGC Indonesia (was named Pertafenikki Engineering) established as the Counterpart of JGC Holdings Corporation for executing Projects in Indonesia. Throughout this time, JGC Indonesia were engaged in engineering consulting and contracting for business sectors in oil sector, gas & energy, petrochemicals, infrastructures, and others.

1980s -2000s

Realizing the Top-Tier EPC Contractor’s Reputation

With the support of JGC Holdings Corporation, JGC Indonesia had executed a series of contracts for large-scale projects in Indonesia with the business in petroleum refining, petrochemical, LNG. By implementing a global quality performance in the progress of the EPC industry, JGC Indonesia had achieved a firm position and client’s trust among the top few Contractors.

2010s to the Present

Thoroughly evolve in Energy Industry & respond to the Energy Transition

JGC Indonesia execute its business with the target to serves many varieties of projects in Engineering, Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC), Operation & Maintenance, Project Management Consultancy, and Specialty Engineering. JGC Indonesia had execute more than 500 Projects throughout Indonesia.

In 2007, JGC Indonesia officially launched as Independent EPC Contractor as subsidiary of JGC Holdings Corporation. JGC Indonesia also opened its own Home Office in TB Simatupang, South Jakarta in 2010.

In 2022, JGC Asia Pacific established to interchange each JGC Companies’ expertise and experience throughout Southeast Asia.

In 2023, JGC Indonesia started to adopt JGC Group’s purpose to Enhancing Planetary Health of Earth & Humans. This propose is to pursuing stable energy supply & decarbonization, reduction of environment impact, & development of vital infrastructure and services.

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