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As the world pursues decarbonization, developments aimed at widespread adoption of renewable energy and hydrogen are picking up speed. However, since existing fossil energy is still required to maintain current lifestyles in this energy transition amid growing energy demand, JGC Indonesia do our utmost effort to reduce the environmental impact by controlling CO2 emissions through Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS).

In CCS field, JGC Group has built a reputation as a leading contractor. Our track record of construction includes projects such as our first CCS facility at an Algerian natural gas refinery in 2004, a CCS installation at an Australian LNG plant that is one of the world's largest, and one of Japan's first large-scale CCS pilot projects in Hokkaido. In addition, JGC Group is also actively developing technologies used in CO2 separation for high efficiency of CCS developments.

The advanced CCS technology owned by the JGC Group was also inherited to JGC Indonesia, to build environmentally friendly energy facilities.

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