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JGC is engaged in the construction of non-ferrous metal refining plants, drawing from its extensive engineering expertise developed through the creation of chemical plants, nuclear facilities, and various other structures. Notably, JGC possesses exceptional global technology knowledge and hands-on experience in crafting facilities for "wet smelting," a process of high interest due to its ability to tackle challenges arising from the utilization of lower-grade ore deposits, heightened levels of sulfur and other impurities in ores, and the overarching goal of minimizing the environmental impact associated with ore processing.

The demand for non-ferrous metals like copper, nickel, and rare metals is on the rise worldwide, especially driven by the strong needs of emerging nations. In this context, JGC plays a pivotal role in enhancing the supply of non-ferrous metals by providing comprehensive services encompassing the construction of refining plants. These services span from initial feasibility assessments to design, construction, and support for test operations.

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