Jakarta – PT JGC Indonesia celebrates its 42 year anniversary by holding various sports and social activities for the community. The celebration was held on September 28 2016 at the multi-purpose hall of the PT JGC Indonesia building.
The event carried the concept of the past and had an 80s-90s nuance, seen from the organizers and participants who wore black and white clothes and bow ties for men and headbands for women. This event was attended by the Board of Directors and President Director of PT JGC Indonesia, Mr. Nurdin Haris, who opened this event in a lively manner.
In addition, previously PT JGC Indonesia has also held several social activities for the community, such as Blood Donations, corporate social responsibility programs and various sports activities. Namely futsal, basketball, tug of war and gobak sodor.
To further enliven the 42nd anniversary celebration, this event presented the appearance of a band performing 80-90s songs. The enthusiasm of the employees also increased when the winners of the sports competitions were announced and the awards given to exemplary employees of PT JGC Indonesia were presented by the President Director and the Board of Directors.
At the end of the event it was closed with the declaration of I AM JGC Indonesia led by the President Director and attended by employees of PT JGC Indonesia. This synergy provides positive energy and fosters a feeling of belonging to the employees towards the company in order to succeed in each of the Company's goals.

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