Jakarta - In strengthening the relationship between PT JGC Indonesia and JGC Corporation through its 43rd anniversary celebration, PT JGC Indonesia held the Japan Matsuri Festival. Matsuri Festival itself is an annual festival in Japan which is held to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms that bloom in spring.
This celebration was held on July 20 2017 located around the parking area of the PT JGC Indonesia Building and was attended by employees of PT JGC Indonesia. The start of the Matsuri Festival was marked by the entry of PT JGC Indonesia's management, accompanied by cosplayers, which made the festival atmosphere even more lively.
The theme of this festival is in accordance with the form of cultural collaboration between PT JGC Indonesia and JGC Corporation which has become a support system for PT JGC Indonesia. Through the theme of the festival, PT JGC Indonesia forms all activities in this festival with the concept of diversity. Such as the presence of drum performers, bands and tents that offer a variety of games and Indonesian and Japanese specialties.
This 43rd Birthday Celebration is also used as a momentum for PT JGC Indonesia in carrying out its corporate social responsibilities such as blood donation and others. It is hoped that this activity which is carried out every year can strengthen the relationship between PT JGC Indonesia and the central JGC as well as the employees and the Board of Directors.

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