JAKARTA – PT JGC Indonesia held a Sport Competition as one of a series of activities to welcome the 43rd anniversary of PT JGC Indonesia. The Sport Competition organized by PT JGC Indonesia is a sports competition event as well as a momentum to strengthen brotherhood and togetherness between management and employees, besides that it is also attended by third parties.
The Sport Competition activities themselves consist of: futsal, basketball, badminton, tug of war, ping pong and sodor carts. Apart from that, the one that most aroused the enthusiasm of JGC Corporation employees under PT JGC Indonesia is Jakarta Kizuna Ekiden. JKE itself is a Japanese-style relay event that aims to strengthen the "kizuna" (bond) between Indonesia & Japan.
This sporting event is expected to increase the togetherness and cohesiveness of the big family of PT JGC Indonesia and it is hoped that this will increase employee productivity and achievement so that it has a positive impact on company performance.

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