JAKARTA – Prioritizing the development of energy infrastructure is the most important priority. It is realized that PT JGC Indonesia's hard work in enhancing developments in the oil and gas industry must be accompanied by the competence of its employees or sub-contractors.
Through PT JGC Indonesia Horizon 2020 we are trying to realize ideas and innovations by carrying out the four pillars of transformation, namely productivity, competitiveness, strategic employee management. We also partner with Veloz Productivity as a transformation consultant in working together to realize the four pillars that we previously formed.
These four pillars will be realized through three activities including a level one workshop which was successfully held at the Aston Sentul Lake Resort and Conference on 27-29 October 2017. This activity will be attended by all management and the Board of Directors of PT JGC Indonesia. The second is a level two Workshop at the Ibis Styles Hotel, Bogor on 11-15 January 2018 which is attended by Managers and Group Managers of each Department.
Then the third PVMV Celebration was held on April 24 2018 located on the 12th floor of the PT JGC Indonesia building which contained activities to strengthen a sense of enthusiasm and sense of belonging to the company.
We hope that through the entire process of activities that we have carried out above, it can have a significant impact on the performance of all layers of the organization that are under the auspices of PT JGC Indonesia. Starting from the Board of Directors, Department Leaders to employees.

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