Jakarta - Prioritizing employee work safety is one that must be prioritized by every company. Including PT JGC Indonesia which is an oil and gas contractor company, safety and health is the number one need for every member of this company.
Because of that, through PT JGC Indonesia's commitment to building MK3LLK awareness and culture in the workplace, this concrete step was realized through an event titled Safety Day which was held in PT JGC Indonesia's work environment.
This event has been held several times with the aim of educating every employee in implementing every commitment that has been built by the PT JGC Indonesia Corporate Management System Department team. This activity was enlivened by the enthusiasm of the employees when they participated in the series of events that had been prepared.
Every MK3LLK message and commitment is displayed in an attractive and clear manner with the aim that every employee can absorb the message and realize this commitment in a real way. So it is expected to consistently reduce the accident rate by 100% as in previous years.
This year's Safety Day celebration in Jakarta was attended by around hundreds of participants – including the board of directors and employees of PT JGC Indonesia.
Following are the goals that are expected to be achieved by PT JGC Indonesia:
Quality Zero Mistakes
Health : Zero Illness
Safety: Zero Injury
Security : Zero Property Loss and Damage
Environmental : Zero Environmental Damage
Compliance : Zero Incompliance
CSR : Zero CSR Incompliance

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