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Jakarta - On September 5, JGC Indonesia held a party for the company's 49th anniversary. At this event, JGC Indonesia's top officials were present, namely Mr. President Commissioner, Takeshi Hashizume, Mr. President Director, Clyde Kaelin, and also the Directors, Suryadi Kresno, Soesilo Nugroho, and also Sobar Hidayat. "One Step to Gold" has been chosen as the slogan for this event, because 49 is almost 50. Fifty years is always be associated with years of gold. So 49th is just one step to gold.

The event began with an opening speech from Mr. Takeshi Hashizume and continued by Mr. Clyde Kaelin. After that, a tumpeng cutting event was held as a symbol of celebrating the company's 49th anniversary.

On this occasion, the new website appearance of JGC Indonesia was launched, which was launched by pressing a button as a symbolic ceremony. The JGC Indonesia website now has a more modern and contemporary appearance.

JGC Indonesia President Commissioner, Takeshi Hashizume cut the Tumpeng

jgc indonesia management push website launching button (1)
All Board of Directors of JGC Indonesia press the website launching button

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