This project added process unit to Indonesia's largest oil refinery in Cilacap, increasing gasoline production by 30 % and reducing its associated environmental impact through product reformulation. It thereby helped meeting the country's growing energy demand, reducing the country's dependence on energy imports, and improving the gasoline supply system in line with the country's environmental regulations.
In 2015, the contract for the project was awarded to a consortium consisting of JGC Indonesia, a member of the JGC Group, and PT.Encona Inti Industri.
This was a complex and technically challenging project that involved about half of the modification work in an existing area that was in operation, and it required us to make maximum use of our knowledge and experience in petroleum refining and to fully utilize the resources of our partner companies based in Jakarta. The team faced numerous challenges before the project was completed, including currency restrictions, import restrictions, and dealing with buried objects in brownfield areas. The project was successfully completed in 2019. We also achieved 16 million hours of zero LTI (Lost Time Incident) and were proud to have been recognized as a "Repeatable Contractor" by our clients.

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