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Upholding the highest ethical standards in business conduct is a pivotal element of our operational approach. We are dedicated to practicing transparency, honesty, and equity across all facets of our operations, and we anticipate reciprocation of these values in our interactions with all our business associates.

Our Compliance initiative's core goal is to ensure that every member of our workforce adheres to the utmost levels of integrity while carrying out JIND's business endeavors, aligning with our obligations to shareholders, clients, staff, collaborators, and society. The preservation of JIND's reputation hinges on the collective commitment of employees and business partners to abide by pertinent laws and regulations.

The JGC Group Code of Business Conduct governs our conduct within JGC Indonesia, established with guidance from the JGC Way.

The JGC Group Code of Business Conduct is wide-ranging, furnishing a comprehensive framework for positive corporate behavior. Its contents encompass Our Core Values, Prevention of Bribery and Other Unethical Transactions, Promoting Fair Competition and International Trade, and other critical domains. Each member of the JIND team, including employees, contractors, and business partners, is expected to grasp and adhere to this initiative.

We actively encourage our staff, contractors, and business associates to voice any apprehensions they might have, or report any violations of this Code, confidentially if preferred, without fearing retribution. Our Compliance Officer can be reached at jind-compliance-administrator@jgc.com. Your concerns will be meticulously examined. In the event of a breach of this Code, appropriate corrective measures will be implemented, potentially leading to dismissal or the termination of a contract.

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