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1. Quality


Effective quality management is vital to ensure the secure functioning and consistent output of plants and other installations. JGC Indonesia has implemented a quality management system that holds ISO 9001 certification. This system combines extensive knowledge and expertise accumulated over years, utilizing both structured processes and capable personnel. These endeavors encompass thorough investigations into the underlying reasons behind any quality concerns, coupled with proactive actions to avert their reappearance. This process is spearheaded by bodies like the Quality Assurance Committee, dedicated to perpetually enhancing the assurance of quality.


2. Health


Health Management at Construction Sites

Lately, client enterprises have become more cognizant of the significance of upholding appropriate health and sanitation norms. Both domestically and internationally, requirements for on-site facilities have become more rigorous and all-encompassing. JGC Indonesia holds the accountability for maintaining hygienic conditions across all site facilities, safeguarding the well-being of its project staff, including employees from affiliated firms, at construction sites worldwide. A primary duty of JGC Indonesia revolves around guaranteeing the safety and comfort of these sites, prioritizing the health and work environment of employees above all else.

Health check for site workers         

 Romberg Test for workers who works at height

Health and sanitation criteria vary significantly from one project to another. For every individual project, JGC Indonesia extensively examines the specific circumstances of the location and performs a Health Risk Assessment. This is done to ensure the provision of essential systems, amenities, medications, and tools required to oversee the well-being and cleanliness of numerous engineers and laborers, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands in number. Beyond the health and hygiene initiatives, ensuring sufficient welfare facilities for all personnel remains an essential component of health management.

Major on-site health considerations made by JGC Indonesia are listed below.

  • Implementation and management of health risk assessment
  • Pre-deployment health examinations
  • Thorough on-site medical facilities
  • On-site medical staff (doctors and nurses)
  • Camp management
  • Health and hygiene inspections for food service facilities and staff members
  • Special consideration for common site-specific health hazards such as heat sickness
  • Implementation of malaria prevention measures
  • On-site recreation facilities and intramural athletic events, etc.

3. Safety


Safety is our company priority, without safety working environment our employees will not able to maximize their potential. The JGC Group has embraced the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) 9 Life-Saving Rules, firmly believing that these guidelines will enhance the safety of our employees during our projects. Through the incorporation of these rules, the JGC Group becomes a part of a shared framework, simplifying interactions for all stakeholders involved. This harmonization also facilitates seamless collaboration with our clients who are affiliated with the IOGP. Additionally, the adoption of the IOGP 9 Life-Saving Rules is in harmony with our fundamental principles: "To create safe, secure and healthy workplaces in which all staff can carry out their functions with confidence".

The 9 Life-Saving Rules
index_im151. Obtain authorization before overriding or disabling safety controls
2. Obtain authorization before entering a Confined Space
3. Follow safe driving rules
4. Verify isolation and zero energy before work begins
5. Control flammables and ignition sources
6. Keep yourself and others out of the line of fire
7. Plan lifting operations and control the area
8. Work with a valid permit when required
9. Protect yourself against a fall when working at height



4. Environment


As we strive for a sustainable world, tackling the issue of climate change has emerged as a worldwide obstacle. The JGC Indonesia has recognized "creating societies that coexist harmoniously with the environment" as a significant concern. We also tried to minimize the impact to the environment through measurables process and responsible work practices.

HSSE 500x400
Planting a plant in construction site.


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